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Latest News

1/6/2013 - Groupon promotion starts

Maverick Dance Party has ran it's first Groupon promotion for our dance cardio classes offering 10 or 20 classes for up to 75% off.  Promotion is targeted to new participants and not valid for participants of MDP in the last 6 months. 

9/10/2012 - Adult Dance Classes

Samantha will have a sample adult dance class, styles to include jazz and Hip Hop, at 6:30pm in place of Maverick Dance Party that night.  If there is enough interest, the class will continue for four weeks.  We will work on technique, progressions, performance and a center combination that is added to each week.  We will re-evaluate after four weeks and continue on a monthly basis with a new routine each month.

Past Excitement

9/29/2012 - Center Stage 50 Fest

Samantha performed with other dancers and singers at Center Stage's 50th anniversary celebration under the direction of CJay Philip who choreographed a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade meets flashmob meets carnival routine for the event.  The performances were outside beginning at the monument and led down the street to Center Stage.  It was a beautiful day filled with lots of live entertainment.

Special thanks to Amy Peirson for inviting me to the auditions.

8/18/2012 - Trip to NYC (Broadway Dance Center)

Samantha travels to NYC to take classes with fellow MDP regular and Baltimore School for the Arts faculty member Samanth Ordaz. They took a Theatre class and worked on expressing angst and hurt through movement. Afterwards, they participated in Ephrat's House class. Wicked fast and challenging but super fun. Both Samanthas were dripping sweat in the first 5 minutes.

8/11/2012 - Center Stage Audition

Samantha auditions and makes the cut at Center Stage for 50 Fest, their 50th Anniversary celebration. She will be performing on 9/29/2012.

7/5/2012 - Baltimore Sun Article

The Baltimore Sun came out to do an interest piece on Maverick Dance Party thanks to some enthusiastic participants submitting praise letters about class. A two page article featured on the cover of the Health section included quotes from several MDP regulars and pictures of the class in action.

Special thanks to all who took the time to write to the Baltimore Sun and to Jan Keadle for helping to organize their visit to class.

6/24/2012 - Baltimore Women's Classic 5k Race

Samantha and Maverick Dance Party were invited to be the first ever post race dance celebration at the Baltimore Women's Classic 5k Race. Maverick dancers performed to a full crowd and did "The Wobble" at the booth afterwards with some enthusiastic race participants.

Special thanks to the Maverick Dancers; Mezerena Wells, Rhonda Fields, Camille "Mimi" Givens-Patterson, Colleen Wheat, Jan Keadle, Mia Kuhn, Anna Kuhn, and Alexandra Boyle. To Laurie Amatucci and Jan Keadle for inviting us and to Travis Dodson for working the booth.

4/20/20112- Trip to NYC (Broadway Dance Center)

Samantha travels to NYC to take Vogueing with America's Next Top Model posing guru, Benny Ninja, at Broadway Dance Center. Benny taught the class that vogueing began in prison in the 1970's. The class worked on getting out of our heads and selling it. Samantha also took a Hip Hop class and had a great time dancing with people from all over the world.

3/17/2012 - B'more Healthy Expo

A hugely successful event. Samantha had a booth for the day long expo which included a 30-minute performance and two months of airing the first ever Maverick Dance Party commercial on WBFF Fox45 Baltimore. The MDP performance was standing room only with two dozen MDP regulars dancing on stage and on the floor. Throughout the day Maverick Dancers were shaking it in front of the booth, teaching visitors about combinations and sharing with everyone why they love MDP. The Baltimore Convention Center was buzzing about the "Maverick Dancing Girls" and the Expo also marked the launch of the MDP clothing line.

Special thanks to the Maverick Dancers: Terry Levine, Mezerena Wells, Dawn Hedgepeth, Elena Thompson, Crystal Brown, Katie Cole, Jennifer Pizarro, Jackie Carbone, Jan Keadle, Martha McCracken, Jenna Frieberg, Liz Miller, Cerrene Coleman, Tara Sutton, Monique Champagne and Sammie Winegard. To Camille "Mimi" Givens-Patterson, Rhonda Fields, Colleen Wheat, Niecey Johnson, Jill Hunter, Kathy Shapiro, Susan Kern and Travis Dodson for working the booth.

3/1/2012 - EVOLUTION

Samantha launched her new class creation, Evolution. Evolution is a 30-minute strength training workout incorporating dumbbells and plyometrics guaranteed to render you useless and sore. Samantha used herself as a test and in one month of teaching Evolution three times per week, MDP regulars were remarking on their improved physique.

2/19/2012 - Bounce: A Dance Experience Outside Baltimore's Box

Samantha hosts Bounce - A Dance Experience Outside Baltimore's Box and booked Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie, a b-girl who has toured with Snoop Dogg, to come down and teach two 90-minute classes in styles not available in Baltimore - House and Breakdancing. Ephrat is a super cool ball of energy and everyone loved sharing in her unique styles. Participants learned "threading" and "jacking" and left asking when she'd return.

Special thanks to Ephrat Asherie for making the trip down from NY and for bringing a ton of positive energy with her. To Liz Miller for bringing some of her students to the classes. To Tanelle Yenkevich for assisting with registration and to everyone who helped distribute promotional materials.