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Historical Fun from 2011

12/30/2011 - Trip to NYC (Broadway Dance Center)

Samantha traveled to NYC to take classes at Broadway Dance Center. First was Hip Hop with Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie, followed by some Street Jazz, Funk, and a couple more Hip Hop classes. It was a full day and Ephrat's class was one of the best!!

12/21/2011 - Baltimore School for the Arts

Samantha presented Maverick Dance Party at the Baltimore School for the Arts and was accepted as a substitute teacher. The group of young ladies and gentlemen latched on to the fast pace of the choreography delivery well and were delightedly surprised by the challenging cardio component. They were an enthusiastic group to work with asking if MDP could be added to their weekly schedule.

Special thanks to Samantha Ordaz, an MDP regular and BSA ballet and contemporary faculty member for organizing this special class.

12/1/2011 - 12/31/2011 - Jewish Times Advertisement

Maverick Dance Party's first official advertisement was featured in the Jewish Times.

Special thanks to Kathy Shapiro for everything having to do with this ad.

11/19/2011 - Chesapeake Sailors Intermediate Synchronized Skating Team

Samantha used some Maverick Dance Party routines as well as her performance background to coach the Chesapeake Sailors Intermediate Synchronized Skating Team on how to perform their skating routines, not just "skate" them. The skaters worked on non-verbally expressing different emotions on demand and interpreting the style and intent of various musical works. The team brought an infectious energy to the workshop and were a pleasure to instruct.

Special thanks to Lauren Benesch who is an MDP regular and the skating team's coach for organizing this unique opportunity.

10/7/2011 - Maryland Council for Dance 39th Annual Dance Festival

Samantha presented Maverick Dance Party at the MD Council for Dance 39th Annual Dance Festival. The majority of participants were young adults and Samantha worked with them on being able to transition from one style to the next, pick up choreography in a fast-paced environment and perform each routine as if they were auditioning. The dancers gave it their all and were wonderful to work with.

Special thanks to Gabbi Berkow for connecting Maverick Dance Party to MD Council for Dance.

9/10/2011 - Inner Harbor Flash Mob

Samantha coordinated with Liz Miller to execute a successful flash mob in downtown Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Over a dozen MDP regulars came out to participate with Liz's students from her dance classes. We drew a huge crowd with lots of cheers and had a groovy time!

Special thanks to Liz, my MDP regulars and Liz's students for spontaneously shaking it on a hot, sunny day in Baltimore. To Travis Dodson for filming and to Anna Jiongco for photographing the event.

8/24/2011 - Baltimore County Physical Education and Dance Teacher's Workshop

Samantha presented Samantha's Dance Party, the school version of Maverick Dance Party at the Baltimore County Physical Education and Dance Teacher's Workshop. Samantha worked with physical education and dance teachers to incorporate dance cardio into their classes. The teachers were led through a condensed version of MDP followed by a complete breakdown of the choreography. Memorization techniques and cueing were reviewed before the teachers split into small groups to choreograph a short routine which they then presented to everyone. Each participant received a Samantha's Dance Party manual. The event was a hugh success!

Special thanks to Suzanne Henneman for organizing the workshop, Kathy Shapiro for documenting the event in photos and Ron Brigerman for demonstrating and working with the teachers.